What exactly is community management?

Community management is all about building, growing and managing your brand across various social networks; creating conversation opportunities with your followers, and involving them in your brand whenever possible.

At a ground level, this could mean daily sharing of original content, such as a great blog post, an inspirational video or informative webinar; or even passing on some glowing customer praise.

How can we help?

At Web Profits we believe that effective community management is all about ensuring your online followers stay faithful to your brand. To make sure this happens, we apply a three-pronged approach to your social media marketing.

This includes:

Reviewing your content

We'll start by looking at the content that is currently getting the most clicks, comments and shares on your social networks.

Developing a content strategy

We’ll then work with you to devise the most effective content strategy for your brand, focusing on the kind – and regularity – of original content you should be sharing on your social networks.

Monitoring your social media networks

Finally we’ll analyse how your fans are interacting with each other, what they’re saying about your brand and ensuring all questions or feedback is answered.

Why you can't afford to ignore your online community

Having a social media presence and not sharing original and relevant content is arguably more harmful to your business than not being on social media at all. It’s like being at a party and not talking to anyone in the room. People will think you’re aloof and that you don’t really care what they have to say.

Customers love the opportunity to feel important, so asking for their opinion is a great way to cement your relationship and make them feel valued and understood. What’s more, their feedback – whether negative or positive – will arm you with the information you need to make your product or service better than ever.

It’s therefore essential to develop a content strategy that champions your products or services, makes your followers feel inclusive and keeps your brand front of mind when it comes to purchasing time.

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