What is a creative campaign?

Running a creative campaign is all about taking a great promotional idea and using it to drive further engagement with your brand online.

In general, the mechanics of a creative campaign are built around asking new and existing fans to interact through participation.

This could be anything from answering a question in a creative way, posting an interesting video, or uploading a photo, which captures your brand personality. Of course, the idea is that fans will share their entry with their social network, ensuring that the promotion gathers momentum and gives your brand invaluable exposure to the online community.

A creative campaign can also be used to launch a product, brand or new service. It may not necessarily include fan involvement, but will build in a viral aspect that gains momentum and pushes the brand around social networks.

To maximise share-ability, the concept should be original, memorable and interesting – and identify closely with your brand values.

How can we help?

Creative campaigns require a higher level of strategy, planning, risk management and monitoring, to
ensure they run smoothly and achieve a positive outcome.

Here are some of the things we do
to ensure this happens:

Creative concepting

We'll develop a core campaign thought, plus an outline of campaign goals and confirmation of recommended media channels.

Collateral design

We'll design support collateral that will be used to promote the
campaign, including, amongst other elements, a Facebook cover image, third-party app skins, backgrounds and a third-party microsite.

Content rollout

We'll share the campaign via our own social networks before and during its rollout, and we'll also announce the competition winners at the end.

Facebook Advertising management

We'll advise you on how you can
tailor your Facebook Advertising to promote the competition and maximise entries.

Risk Management

We will identify suitable risk management strategies to ensure you
are best prepared in the unlikely
event of unsuitable content being uploaded to your social network.

Campaign monitoring

We'll make sure that any interaction or entry is in line with your Ts & Cs, and doesn't include any racist, slanderous or defamatory remarks.

Who are creative campaigns on social media best suited to?

As creative campaigns are about increasing brand recognition, they are best suited to clients who already have an existing fan base on Facebook.

If a fan base is too low (say less than 2,000), then there is less market to play with in order to target the competition. In this instance, we would discuss other online strategies, which may be better suited to your business goals.

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