We see Facebook as the most important part of your social media offensive. After all, over half the Australian population have a presence there, so the potential opportunities for customer engagement are enormous.

But merely having a Facebook business page is not enough, particularly if you want to talk to the customers who have a bigger propensity to engage with your brand.

One of the most powerful ways to build a loyal fan base – and website traffic – is through targeted Facebook advertising. And at Web Profits we use Blended Social Media to ensure you reach the audience you want to 'converse' with.

the customers
you want to reach

Our key areas of focus will normally include:

A targeted advertising

We'll develop a suite of ultra-targeted ads based on your customers' location, demographics and interests.

Effective content execution

We'll create ads that compel readers to click, through attention-grabbing headlines, hard-working copy and memorable imagery.

Monthly results analysis

We'll review the traffic generated as a result of your Facebook Advertising for each month and analyse ad
click-through rates.

  • It's run on per-impression or per-click basis, which means there's no chance of blowing your budget.
  • With its powerful targeting parameters, it's easy for you to create targeted ads based on a particular location, age group, likes and interests.
  • You can customise your ads so they target a particular group – like pregnant mums to be for instance
  • Customers can provide feedback as to why they closed your ad, providing an invaluable insight into why an ad is not performing.

Why Facebook
is the most potent
acquisition tool for business

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