Engage with over
half the Australian population

When it comes to building strong community engagement, we see Facebook as the most powerful social media tool for brands.

At Web Profits, when we develop an online strategy based around Facebook, we apply our unique approach to engagement marketing, Blended Social Media.

Essentially this means that we bring together a combination of proven techniques that are designed to skyrocket customer engagement.

To ensure this happens, we'll work with you to develop:

A robust content strategy

We'll show you how to play to your customer's interests. For instance, if you're in the banking industry, then tap into your specialty—finance. Talk about finance trends and some of
your latest financial products. If you're a sports brand on the other hand, stream content that talks about performance and fitness.

A Facebook Advertising

We'll help you build a targeted fan base and drive traffic to your website through advertising that's based on your customers' location, demographics and interests.

Additional campaign assets

We'll create supporting assets such as a Facebook Landing Page, which customers will be taken to from your Facebook Ads and will help to
increase conversion rates.

Comprehensive reports

Including detailed monthly reports
so you have full transparency over your website traffic and sales conversions.

This 'nose-to-tail' approach to social media marketing is something that is currently not undertaken by any of our competitors, but we believe is crucial in producing effective campaigns – and outstanding results.

Why your brand can't afford to be without Facebook

With more than 50% of Australians active on Facebook, why not be where your consumers are?

A business Facebook page allows you to:

  • The smartest, most engaging content
  • Tailored advertising and PR strategies
  • Effective community management,
  • Any other strands of social engagement that are relevant to your brand.
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