Give your brand
extra visibility online

As a visual platform, Instagram is perfectly suited to brands that have a strong product focus. For instance, if you’re in the food, fashion, travel, art or design industry, and you’re looking to take your brand awareness a notch higher, it really is a no-brainer.

Our aim at Web Profits is to develop a complete strategy that complements this mobile-based network, and maximises the potential for customer engagement and brand recognition.

The essence of our approach is based around Blended Social Media – which brings together the most relevant tiers of engagement marketing, so you can realise your business goals.

At Web Profits we can help you with:

Daily updates

We'll develop a plan of when and how content should be shared and recommend the most relevant hash tags to use.

Campaign rollout

Including advice on how to best manage your Instagram activity on a daily basis.

Integration analysis

We'll look at how Instagram can integrate with other social media platforms.

Daily account monitoring

We'll monitor your Instagram
activity to understand how people
are engaging with your brand and ensure they are replied to where required.

Why you need to
put your brand
in the spotlight

With 5 million Australians already using this unique platform, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks.

Here's why many brands are wanting to be seen there:

  • It's a mobile-based social network, which means customers can engage with your brand wherever they are
  • It's the ideal medium for giving customers a birds-eye view of your organisation, team, products and services
  • It's owned by Facebook, which means its integration with the world's largest social media platform is seamless
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