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From a social media perspective LinkedIn is unique in that, because its basic design premise is all about networking, it’s better suited to B2B businesses.

Indeed a typical member will use LinkedIn to network with companies and colleagues they've worked/are working with, create new business contacts, and even search for relevant jobs in their industry.

At Web Profits we see our primary role as developing a tailored LinkedIn strategy, which revolves around Blended Social Media and is designed to help you deliver on your specific business goals.

Amongst other elements, this normally includes:

Effective community

We'll start by creating your LinkedIn company profile so you can share relevant and engaging industry news with your peers.

Daily account monitoring

We'll monitor your LinkedIn activity daily to ensure people engaging with your brand are always replied to.

Monthly results analysis

We'll review your leads, new connections and post comments, as a result of your LinkedIn activity for each month.

Collateral design

Including a branded LinkedIn banner that sits at the top of your LinkedIn company page.

Why LinkedIn is
the ultimate business networking tool

With 3.75 million Australians already LinkedIn members, the potential networking opportunities are massive.

Here's why so many businesses are choosing it as their preferred place to network online:

  • It has an advertising platform that allows you to target people based on their job title/company
  • It lets you promote available jobs within your organisation
  • It allows you to share news and updates on your company and other industry related information
  • It recently introduced paid-for sponsored posts where you can advertise your product or service to anyone in the network
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