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We are a dynamic and tech-savvy team of social media marketers, content curators, community managers, strategists and account managers.

We bring together a range of unique skills to help you deliver on your social media goals.

We help brands build and manage their online communities through Blended Social Media.

We believe in applying performance-based strategies that are driven by results.

We've been called smart, hard-working, forward thinking and a damn friendly bunch.

Fact is, we're a little bit of everything.

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Katherine Chalhoub, Head of Social

As a raw creative within the social space, Katherine implements innovative and visionary tactics that best engage and resonate with target audiences. She is a spirited and creative freethinker.

Ales Pokora, Social Media Specialist

Ales focuses on developing high performance advertising campaigns on numerous social media platforms. As Social Media Specialist his driver is to stay ahead of the curve by implementing innovative online marketing strategies that break the mould. Utilising uniquely strategies, Ales is at the forefront of deciphering the objective results of this cutting-edge industry.

Jason Garrard, Senior Social Media Producer

Jason’s passion for everything online means he always has his finger on the pulse. Working with clients across a broad range of sectors, his role incorporates client management and social media analytics as well as writing and developing content for various social platforms.

Naomi Davis, Senior Social Media Producer

Starting her first business at the age of 23, she understands what it means to build a business from the ground up and all the challenges and joys that come with it. Her passion for all things digital led her to Web Profits to spread her knowledge and help other businesses harness the power of social media to attract more customers, increase brand awareness and improve market share.

Natalie Sareff, Social Media Producer

A true Internet addict who treats her Pinterest boards like her children. With a background in copywriting and email marketing, Natalie is particularly passionate about writing copy that marries a conversion focus with a strong brand personality.

Sam McIntyre, Social Media Producer

Sam originates from Queensland and has a strong interest in Social Media. He runs a small clothing brand in his spare time and is dedicated to constantly developing his skills and knowledge in Creative Content and Facebook Ads.

Alex Cleanthous, Chief Innovation Officer

Alex Cleanthous is Chief Innovation Officer at Web Profits. With more than 10 years experience in online marketing, Alex is always on the lookout for smarter, faster and more scalable ways to achieve maximum growth with minimum spend.

Paul Sprokkreeff, Managing Director

Paul’s focus is on strategic initiatives and growth of the business. To achieve these he places clear emphasis on attaining and nurturing extraordinary talent in the competitive industry of online marketing.

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Web Profits is an integrated online marketing company, geared to help businesses stay competitive in the online space.

Our mission is to deliver the most advanced online marketing products + services for goal oriented businesses in an honest and transparent manner.

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